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About Us

Our Story

Our Manchester based small in-house team collectively have over 50 years experience in designer products, and international high end retail.  From our small beginnings and with our knowledge and expertise we hope to make big waves in the vast ocean of the fashion industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow individuals to reveal the value of their current wardrobe items, where we then bridge the gap to new consumers who will cherish these items, bringing them a new lease of life.  

Roh Roh was established to make high end fashion more accessible to those who will treasure it.

We are exclusive in our selection of desirable pieces and all our stock is fully authenticated.

Making Sustainable Fashion 'On Trend'

With your support we can provide loving homes to unwanted items of fabulous stylish pieces, whilst doing our part towards making sustainable fashion ‘on trend’. 

In todays fast pace, fast fashion industry it is essential that we start to embrace the value and see the potential of what is already in circulation. 

The concept of sustainability has always been inherently at odds with the traditional world of fashion. Through ‘second life’ purchases you not only adding glamour to your wardrobe, you are also helping support the sustainability of a new circular economy, which we hope can play a small part in ensuring vitality and durability of planet earth. 

From vintage pieces to limited edition treasures Roh-Roh showcases an exclusive world and allows you to revamp your style with timeless, desirable pieces.  

Recycle, resale and swap, it’s time to up cycle the way we shop.